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Polymer Pressure Sensors
(Exclusive Disounts)

Let the factory repair your damaged Dynisco pressure transducer or transmitter Discarding your damaged pressure transducer or transmitter can be like throwing money away. For a $150 evaluation fee (waived upon issuance of a repair purchase order), Dynisco can repair your product to “like new” specifications. This fee is waived if a customer declines the […]

burt plug

Extruder Burst Plugs & Rupture Disks

Burst plugs (rupture disks) relieve overpressure conditions in a sealed fluid system.  This result is similar to the fuse links in an electrical circuit.  Designed as the intentional weak link, they rupture at a predetermined process pressure value (called “burst pressure”), this protects people, products, and machinery. Dynisco’s BP420 Series burst plug body is made […]