Rugged Miniature
Position Sensors

Position TransducersFrom Firstmark Controls, a flexible alternative to LVDTs and linear potentiometers:

  • miniature and sub-miniature sizes
  • off-the-shelf and custom designs
  • operating temperatures from -65° to +125°
  • environmentally tested to DO-160D, ED-14D, and MIL-STD-810E
  • for linear, angular, rotary, 2D and 3D motion
  • analog or digital electrical outputs
  • Displacements from 0-1.5 ins to 0-84.0 ins
  • vehicle, aerospace, industrial control, OEM, medical and test and measurement applications

Firstmark Controls was founded and launched by Firstmark Aerospace with the acquisition of SpaceAge Control’s position transducer product line. Today Firstmark Controls continues with a proud tradition in the development and production of innovative, small-size position transducers.

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