Polymer Pressure Sensors
(Exclusive Disounts)

Let the factory repair your damaged Dynisco pressure transducer or transmitter

Discarding your damaged pressure transducer or transmitter can be like throwing money away. For a $150 evaluation fee (waived upon issuance of a repair purchase order), Dynisco can repair your product to “like new” specifications. This fee is waived if a customer declines the repair but instead purchases a new transducer. If the unit is beyond repair due to excessive damage, Dynisco offers you you a 10% discount off the list price of a replacement transducer or transmitter. Contact 508-541-9400 and ask for Customer Service, or infoinst@dynisco.com for details.

Trade in a competitor’s product—25% off

Take 25% off the list price of a Dynisco transmitter/transducer when a competitor brand of transmitter/transducer is physically traded in. The competitor unit does not have to be functional, but must be returned to Dynisco. Call for details.