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Rotary Encoders

Rugged Design Unbreakable Disc Phased Array Sensor Solid or Hollow Shaft   Contact Us for more information on this product.

Position Sensors

ASG specializes in position sensors for hydraulic and pneumatic actuator/cylinder applications. The MR series (port-mount) and ME series (embedded)  linear sensors were designed as an improvement over traditional magnetostrictive or potentiometer solutions, as they require no magnet and can take much higher shocks and vibration while maintaining a high level of resolution. Each sensor has […]

Rugged Miniature
Position Sensors

From Firstmark Controls, a flexible alternative to LVDTs and linear potentiometers: miniature and sub-miniature sizes off-the-shelf and custom designs operating temperatures from -65° to +125° environmentally tested to DO-160D, ED-14D, and MIL-STD-810E for linear, angular, rotary, 2D and 3D motion analog or digital electrical outputs Displacements from 0-1.5 ins to 0-84.0 ins vehicle, aerospace, industrial […]